Department of Sericulture Government of Manipur


Activities :

The Sericulture is recognised as one of the most promising and an ideally suited Industry to the rural socio-economic developments providing employment opportunities with minimum investment and profitable return within a short gestation period.

Sericulture department, Manipur extended financial and technical support to small & marginal farmers on Mulberry and Vanya (Oak tasar, Eri & Muga) Cocoon sector and post cocoon sector under the catalytic development programme. Sericulture department is conducting various training programme on transfer of technology from soil-silk.

All kinds of silkworm diseases free eggs are made available in the Department of Sericulture, Manipur for timely supply to the sericulture farmers. Marketing support to the cocoon and yarn producers is extended under the Catalytic Development Programme Scheme. Sericulture development programmes under RKVY and Special Plan Assistance (SPA), North east Textiles Promotion Scheme (NERTPS) under Ministry of Textiles, Government of India are on the top priority.

The plantation of Silkworm food plants in the private sector is a priority area, particularly in Mulberry sector. Mulberry saplings are prepared in all Districts of the State for raising new plantation. Technical field staffs of sericulture department are working round the clock for the development of sericulture industry in Manipur.

Due to the lack of proper marketing support and heavy demand of silk in the state most of the production were locally consumed for domestic use, a little quantity is marketed by the Government establishment such as grainage centres, reeling and spinning factory Takyelpat, sericulture Co-operative federation Manipur. Other private sector such as local reelers and spinners, weavers are also doing the silk activities.

Further there is a great demand of silk in both domestic and international market, so there is a great scope for development of Sericulture in Manipur.